Programs and Services

RMPAT provides four basic areas of service to families with children ages prenatal to kindergarten entry:

Monthly Home Visits by Parent Educators

Trained and certified parent educators make monthly visits to share age-appropriate child development information with parents, help them learn to observe their own child, address their parenting concerns, and engage the family in activities that provide meaningful parent/child interaction. Drawing upon PAT's research-based curriculum, parent educators present age-appropriate lessons in a user-friendly, nonjudgmental and culturally competent format. Additional resources complement the PAT curriculum, including books, parenting videos and handouts. Parent educators are also available between monthly visits via telephone for additional support or to address questions and concerns.

Parent Group Meetings

Parent educators lead programs for parents to share experiences, discuss challenges and receive additional information about parenting, child development and community resources. Children are invited and participate in activities. These meetings provide a safe and trusted environment for parents to meet, share and learn with others.

Health Screenings, Immunizations and Resources

To ensure that children are able to reach developmental milestones, RMPAT conducts screenings for developmental delays along with functional hearing, health and vision screenings on an annual basis. These ensure early detection of developmental and health issues so that further evaluation and intervention can occur to close gaps prior to a child entering school. RMPAT also strongly encourages all children be vaccinated against preventable diseases. To foster the well-being of participating families, RMPAT provides families with resources and information related to nutrition, fitness, smoking cessation and other health-related issues that can affect child development. Parent Educators receive training for these screenings and resources.

Resource Network

The goal of the resource network is to acquaint parents with the resources that are available in their community for families with young children. These include both need-based and desire-based resources. Examples of need based resources are: sources for food, shelter, child care, medical care, clothing and furniture. Examples of desire-based resources are: books, toys, the local library, and free or low-cost admissions to places of interest such as the zoo, museums, swimming pools, recreation centers and activities for children.

How to Get Connected with Services

Rocky Mountain Parents as Teachers is a universal access program, which means that we are available to all families who feel they would benefit from our program. Most of our families qualify for free services; higher income families are offered services on a sliding fee scale. If you are interested in receiving services or know a family that could benefit from RMPAT, please contact Ricki Feist at 720-482-8068 or by email via